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Customer Service

Bonall Industry products according to customers works, requirements and other information, the material and the shape and size of the parts analysis based on many years of manufacturing experience, as perfect production process, reduce customer acquisition costs for customers to create value.
Best work performance, the lowest manufacturing costs, minimum size and weight, the use of the most reliability, lowest consumption and minimal environmental pollution, we have been pursuing the goal, but these requirements are often conflicting, and their relative importance of different machinery types and uses. Balance, according to the specific circumstances of an integrated, mechanical design optimal technical and economic effect. Design optimization mainly rely on the knowledge, experience and vision of the designer. With the development of new subjects of the basic theory of the mechanical engineering and value engineering, systems analysis, manufacturing, and the accumulation of technical and economic data, as well as the promotion and application of the computer, optimize gradually abandoning subjective judgment and rely on scientific computing.
We can provide customers with the 2D drawings 3D conversion, 3D can bring us more product information, including product weight, volume information between the parts and the parts assembly simulation, reduce the cost of product development and development cycle.
-Material Analysis:
Each batch of raw materials we conduct a spectral analysis, to ensure that the materials used in line with customer requirements. Routine analysis of element content´╝ÜC,Si,Mn,Cr,Ni,Mo,P,S.
-Mechanical Performance Test:
According to customer requirements for mechanical performance testing, the conventional performance testing: tensile strength, yield strength, elongation properties and contractile properties.
-Impact Test:
Special requirements of the product, we have to cut sampling impact test.
-Hardness Test:
The product hardness test, the hardness of the products in line with customer demand.
We provide customized mechanical parts, support small batch and large quantities, the price is reasonable.
You need to develop a product, but this product is involved in many manufacturing processes, need to develop mold, prototyping, machining, heat treatment, surface coating, product packaging, you need to be equipped with several professional personnel to do these things, do you feeling the high cost of product development? When you come here, you can save these development costs, because our factory in Ningbo, China, a leading provider of industrial production levels for mold development, casting, forging, stamping, machining, surface treatment, have years of experience in the production , our city has a convenient international logistics.
You just put your design drawings sent to us, we will give you a set of product development processes as well as the cost of the list asap, so that you get the products you need to save costs at the same time, try to write an e-mail to us I believe you will get an unexpected surprise!
Please send us your purchase order by email or fax. or you can ask us to send you a P-Invoice for your order.We need to know the following information for your order:
-Shipping information - company name, street address, phone number, fax number, destination airport or sea port, transportation method (by courier, by air or by ocean container)
-Product information - model numbers, quantity, unit price and price term we reach to
-Delivery time required
-Methods of Payment
-Forwarder's contact details if necessary
-30% T/T in advance. balance base on BL copy.
-100% irrevocable L/C at sight.
-We can arrange sea, air and courier transportation.